Friday, December 21, 2012

Weaponry In My Life


1. Throw watch at someone/something and throw match. Battery blows up. Not guaranteed to kill the person.
2. Gasoline and match. You know this one.
Some Nitroglycerin and sawdust, and maybe a red cylindrical container plus a fuse would make my day.


1. Hairspray and lighter. Hold hairspray behind lighter, ignite lighter and use hairspray to blow it. Hold very close to each other.
2. Match! =)
3. Liquid White-out is Flammable.
4. Water and compressed-air rocket filled with black power and launched at someone.(explosive and flammable)
5. The chandelier is lit. It is too tempting.


1. Grab the kitchen knives and go DIE!!!!
2. Air-soft gun. =)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

MacBook Ultimate Plans

So there is the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. I'm designing a MacBook Ultimate. The whole keyboard is a tap-to-click mouse pad. A laser projects a holographic keyboard onto the tap-to-click mouse pad. You touch the holographic keys and the computer types in the keys you press. The "on" button is not holographic and is the only part of the machine that does not use a tap-to-click. The processor is Intel® inside™ Core™ i7. That's what I read on my Intel® sticker. :). Anyway, it has the casing of the MacBook Pro With Retina. The MacBook Ultimate does not have a CD/CD-ROM slot to make it slimmer and lighter. Made with brushed aluminum, the MacBook Ultimate is very sleek and thin. I hope you like this plan for the MacBook Ultimate.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Life is Boring

Life is really boring. I don't have a Apple device. I said i wanted an iPad and i was going to get one, but i still haven't gotten one!!! geez. life is a fail. im running out of time bye.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Homework kills Trees

Homework kills trees so recycle your homework once you finish it. Or use it for a snow sculpture. Or eat it. Or doodle on it. Or use it to cover up doggie doo doo. Or give it to aliens. Something like that so you can give a simple excuse to your teacher why you did not do your homework next time they ask.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Minecraft: The Game of Survival

Notch, this guy who likes video games, created Minecraft 1.7 the oldest, most retarded version of minecraft!!!! But then he updated it up until this day and it is currently lingering at 2.0 with the best graphics possible. Some of you may like the original 1.1 because it has the pixelated look to everything. Some of the procrastinating type of people may whine about the change of the tool and ground look, but to me, the ground looks better and the pick looks more realistic. They even have Tech bows, darts, guns, cars, et cetera if you get the correct type of mod. I did not spell mob wrong, I typed mod. A mod allows you to have things you can't get in regular survival such as the guns mod (and no, mods are not minecraft vocab for cheats). To beat the game, kill the enderdragon while in the end. The easiest achievements to get is to hit "E" on your keyboard and get the award, and to punch down a block of wood. The first thing I would do is get a log, put it on your 2x2 crafting table and get wooden planks, then put wooden planks on all the squares on the 2x2 workbench and get a crafting table. Then I would punch my way down in the ground, collecting the blocks, until I get 6 blocks of stone. Then fill the hole up as best as you can, saving 5 blocks of stone. Then punch the ground until you get something that looks like a set if stairs. Then climb out, place your crafting table on the ground, and hit "E". Click your 5 stone blocks (you will also need 3 sticks for this) and make a stone pick and a stone sword using your 3x3 crafting table. Then try to get some coal, make more sticks, and make torches. These are the essentials for minecraft (you will also need food, but just make a furnace and kill a pig and get more wood/coal and make cooked pork for your troubles). Once you get diamonds, make a diamond pick and sword and lots of torches and lots of food and be happy :).

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Learn to fly 2

Learn to fly 2: The empire strikes back

After the legendary Learn to fly 1, they created a game with way better and I mean way better graphics and if you played learn to fly 1 and then tried Learn to fly 2, you would freak at the change. First of all, there are two added modes, arcade mode and classic mode instead of just story. You unlock them by defeating story mode by crushing the wall, the final obstacle. To defeat classic, fly 6000 feet. To defeat arcade, get 12,500 points. The good thing about arcade is you get bonus points at the end of your flight. You use bonus points to buy stuff in the bonus shop. There are multiple gliders, boosts, payloads, and sleighs. Some secrets: There is an empty slot under the Whirlybird 512. Click and you will get the worst glider in history, the Brick. Click your money in the shop in you will get the "You'll get an inch" award. Click again and you will get the "He'll give an yard" award. When do go to the "medals" bar, you will see a medal with a star and the number 8 on it. Its hint on how to get is is "something with your mouse... and this medal". Click it and you will get it. Get 450 in altitude, fly over the wall, and you will get the I.C.B.P. award. I.C.B.P. stands for "intercontinental ballistic penguin". Have fun with your game. :).

The link below should give you tips with getting every single achievement and demolishing every obstacle. 

Move your mouse below this line of text until a link pops up, the link is black so you cant see it but just click the area of space below this message.

Click here for more tips

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Epic Battle Fantasy III

If you play this game thumbs up for you!!! If you are addicted to this game please comment or something. Or at least start a Blogspot account and follow moi blog and say i'm awesome, etc.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Angry Birds Space

Squawk!! Angry birds Space, or ABS, has came out. Pop pigs with your friends, find eggsteroids, and much more!!! This only works in google chrome, so make sure you have the right browser.