Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Learn to fly 2

Learn to fly 2: The empire strikes back

After the legendary Learn to fly 1, they created a game with way better and I mean way better graphics and if you played learn to fly 1 and then tried Learn to fly 2, you would freak at the change. First of all, there are two added modes, arcade mode and classic mode instead of just story. You unlock them by defeating story mode by crushing the wall, the final obstacle. To defeat classic, fly 6000 feet. To defeat arcade, get 12,500 points. The good thing about arcade is you get bonus points at the end of your flight. You use bonus points to buy stuff in the bonus shop. There are multiple gliders, boosts, payloads, and sleighs. Some secrets: There is an empty slot under the Whirlybird 512. Click and you will get the worst glider in history, the Brick. Click your money in the shop in you will get the "You'll get an inch" award. Click again and you will get the "He'll give an yard" award. When do go to the "medals" bar, you will see a medal with a star and the number 8 on it. Its hint on how to get is is "something with your mouse... and this medal". Click it and you will get it. Get 450 in altitude, fly over the wall, and you will get the I.C.B.P. award. I.C.B.P. stands for "intercontinental ballistic penguin". Have fun with your game. :).

The link below should give you tips with getting every single achievement and demolishing every obstacle. 

Move your mouse below this line of text until a link pops up, the link is black so you cant see it but just click the area of space below this message.

Click here for more tips

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