Friday, December 21, 2012

Weaponry In My Life


1. Throw watch at someone/something and throw match. Battery blows up. Not guaranteed to kill the person.
2. Gasoline and match. You know this one.
Some Nitroglycerin and sawdust, and maybe a red cylindrical container plus a fuse would make my day.


1. Hairspray and lighter. Hold hairspray behind lighter, ignite lighter and use hairspray to blow it. Hold very close to each other.
2. Match! =)
3. Liquid White-out is Flammable.
4. Water and compressed-air rocket filled with black power and launched at someone.(explosive and flammable)
5. The chandelier is lit. It is too tempting.


1. Grab the kitchen knives and go DIE!!!!
2. Air-soft gun. =)

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