Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bad Piggies

Bad piggies is a game by Rovio in which you construct a vehicle that can get to the finish line, doing other things along the way to get three stars. There are additional power-ups and sandboxes that can be purchased. For an Andriod, you can download an application that will copy your game data into a new data file that has Field of Dreams unlocked, which is a sandbox mode that can be purchased for $0.99. The link can be found here:
The other save file that can be downloaded is a save file that has all the levels unlocked from the start and has infinite super mechanics. The link can be found here:
No root is required for either of these applications or files. For the first one, run the application, connect your phone to your computer, and go through the folders like this: Andriod/data/[find your game here, the folder name should be something like rovio.badpiggies.hd if your game is hd or rovio.badpiggies if your game is normal.]Take the file out that ends with .dat and replace it with the file that the application created(make sure to rename the new file with .dat at the end and nothing else. Make sure the name is exactly the same as the old one. For the second one, download the file, extract it, and do the same as above. I recommend the second one because it already has everything unlocked and infinite super mechanics, the only drawback is it cannot copy data so you lose your progress. For the first one, copying data requires you to make a new folder, place the application inside along with the data file in which you want to clone, and run the application.

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